[Kickstarter Update] #3: Land Ahoy

[Kickstarter Update] is a series tracking the progress of our crowdfunding campaign with some occasional shenanigans thrown in.

Home stretch – 10 days to go and Casavva is over 90% funded now! Thanks to new friends and old friends who've come through this week to push us closer to the mark!

On this fine Sunday afternoon, we can’t help but shamelessly reflect upon one of the proud, yet easily overlooked, achievements of Casavva: the fabric. Sourced from an old school supplier in Los Angeles, the 6.4 ounces per yard medium weight, softly double-brushed, 100% cotton flannel we use to make Casavva shirts is unlike anything we've come across before. It all seems so straight-forward in retrospect, but sourcing the right material was one of the most interesting and challenging parts of our journey (note, we finalized our fabric choice on Oct 7, 2014…Shin’s first white hair in life emerged Oct 8, 2014…coincidence?). 

We spent almost half a year ordering in fabrics from all over the world, testing, debating, ditching, and crying ourselves to sleep, before we found the ideal material. And to us, it really blew everything else out of the water – perfect weight (not flimsy, yet totally breathable), technically sound (extremely soft, yet robust to medieval torture), and to top it off, we felt the design was just the right amount of understated charisma.

Having said all that, we know you’re probably still taking us on faith over the fabrics, since it’s pretty hard to know a material without seeing it in person. 6.4 ounces per yard, double napped 100% cotton flannel probably registers exactly 0 ounces of meaning to most of y’all backers out there.

We tried all sorts of close-ups, but still we don’t think we’re doing justice to just how awesome the fabric is on these soon-to-be-yours Casavva shirts.

So we hope the below video will help. We caught it (completely candid) in the corridors of 15 CPW the other day*, the guy happened to be wearing a Casavva shirt and the girl is definitely not Casavva team member Ana Bautista.

*Absolute lie of course. This entire thing was obviously staged at our friend’s midtown apartment…but you get the point :)