[Kickstarter Update] #4: One Hundo

[Kickstarter Update] is a series tracking the progress of our crowdfunding campaign with some occasional shenanigans thrown in.

Look what you did. LOOK WHAT YOU DID.

100% funded.

That’s, literally, all your fault.

No but for real...thank you, thank you and thank you again. You just made Casavva a reality. You just gave a crew of scrappy self-starters the chance they've been wishing for years. (And you just gave yourself a pretty damn good shirt, if you don’t mind us saying!) 

We're running off now to make the most of our kickstarter's last 5 days, but stay tuned, we’ll surely be spamming you again before you know it! 

In the meantime, we’re proud to count ourselves an official sponsor (alongside Schwarzman Scholars, LinkedIn, ACP and Zoomdojo) for today’s GCC World Fair in snowy New Haven. Lots of interesting discussions happening here right this moment!