[Kickstarter Update] #5: Paperwork

[Kickstarter Update] is a series tracking the progress of our crowdfunding campaign with some occasional shenanigans thrown in.

Thanks to all who’ve completed our order survey! Over half the responses have now come in, and when we get the rest, fabric starts rolling!

For those who haven't yet, it literally takes 1 minute – just need to know your style selection, shirt size and where to send the goods. (MASSIVE THANKS pledgers, your survey is even simpler!) 

Here’s a quick refresher of our 6 styles: 

And our size chart: 

All this can of course be found on Casavva’s kickstarter page as well, but we realize you might not obsessively check that page some 34 times a day like we do. 

…And you might not check it on 2 windows at the same time during a client meeting to watch the kickstarter countdown like its New Year's at Times Square: 


That video was really anti-climatic...we know...but, for the record, we had one more pledge come in seconds after the bell and kickstarter counted it! That’s a total of $31,496 from 231 backers for this project! 125% funded! Thank you all again and stay tuned ☺