[Kickstarter Update] #6: Cutting Board

[Kickstarter Update] is a series tracking the progress of our crowdfunding campaign with some occasional shenanigans thrown in.

Great news -- your first edition Casavva shirts are not only coming in ahead of schedule, but also picking up a few improvements along the way!

So what’ve we been doing besides posting shirt pictures on Instagram? 

We noted every piece of feedback you gave us during the campaign and did another round of design refinement with our pattern-maker. And to fulfill your requests, we gladly had three new sizes graded. 

With the information from your order surveys, we’ve been bringing in the appropriate supply of materials and amassing them here in Gowanus. Thus far, we’re talking 752 yards of flannel (coming in at 412 pounds), 5184 buttons, 600 microfiber lens cloths and a small lake of fusible interfacing, quality thread, labels, and the works. In the process, we've re-scoured the market and picked up top-notch buttons from Texas and well-reputed microfiber cloths from South Korea. 

Right now, we’re just about done at the cutting board and soon to crank those sewing machines. Don’t want to spoil too much of it here…but can’t resist throwing you a sneak preview on what we’re brewing: