[Annual Note] 2017: Broadening our Mission

[Annual Note] is an annual series where we give our community a brief and frank update on where we are at Casavva.

Hello folks,

We'd like thank you for the continued support in 2016 and wish you a happy 2017. 

Every new year, we give our community a brief and frank update on where we are at Casavva. 

If 2015 was the proof of concept, 2016 was when we matured into a sustainable business. With 2017, we aim to build on what we've got and expand beyond men's flannel shirts. Casavva's mission is to create high-quality staple products at the foundation of every wardrobe. In that case, making a men's shirt alone will miss half the wardrobes out there! 

So we are excited to say that we've been working on a women's piece for a long time, and this year we are ready to launch it. Concurrently, we are working with more partners to manufacture and distribute more styles in menswear including but not limited to our classic flannel. Check back on this blog as new products are unveiled through the year. 

We are grateful to our partners in retail, fulfillment, manufacturing and across the supply chain. Most of all, we are grateful to you, our loyal customers. 

Have a great year,

Shin | Keith

Co-founders, Casavva