[Casavva Chats] Tai Hau Aw

[Casavva Chats] An occasional series capturing our eclectic conversations with interesting people about work, play, style and more. Tai Hau Aw (pictured right) - A Traveler and a Social Entrepreneur.   This month our conversations took an international spin to Malaysia, where we discussed work and life with founder of Pott Glasses, Tai Hau Aw. Although half a world apart, some of Hau’s stories in the accessories business resonated with ourselves. Here we present you Hau’s thoughts on social entrepreneurship and a touch about his spare time travels. What is the motivation behind the social entrepreneurship initiative?I guess everyone likes giving back to society. However, I had hesitations on engaging in good deeds through potentially... Read More

Pop-up Market in Brooklyn

The Casavva team is out and about again in Brooklyn. This weekend's market was a blast and we met friends old and new. Particularly, it was interesting to connect with local brands and learn about their story. One such brand is Lucachiara founded by Martin Salerno. Martin shared his insights on menswear, drawing as well on his time at Kenneth Cole. We hope to have him join for an exclusive interview with Casavva down the road...stay tuned!  Read More

[Casavva Chats] Chris Tiutan & Nate Leung

[Casavva Chats] An occasional series capturing our eclectic conversations with interesting people about work, play, style and more. Chris Tiutan & Nate Leung - Reimagining Sweatpants on the Side. This month we chatted with Chris and Nate, co-founders of sweatpants company Natoma. We’ve learned much from each other’s teams on starting and building a brand. Here we get a few personal details on their story. Guys, give us a few introductory sentences about yourselves. Chris: I spent my formative years in a suburb of Los Angeles where I grew up playing soccer and way too many hours of Counter-Strike. In 2013, I decided to take a leap of faith, move to San Francisco and help grow... Read More

Successful pop-up at Brooklyn Historical Society

FAD Market was a great time again this weekend. Meeting lots of interesting folks in a cool venue (Brooklyn Historical Society). We lucked out and go a nice corner location with lots of foot traffic. Like it so much we'll probably be doing another pop-up soon -- look out for Casavva around town!    Read More

Casavva returning to FAD Market

After a successful run with FAD Market last year, we're returning next weekend. This time it will be at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Join us on April 22nd and 23rd from 11am to 6pm to check out Casavva and some other cool local companies!  Read More