We founded Casavva with the vision of creating high-quality unique products at the foundation of every wardrobe. Like the similarly named crop, cassava, we believe our apparel will be a staple upon which many great outfits can be built.

We pride ourselves on 3 elements, which are in the DNA of every piece we create. Firstly, we always select the best ingredients. We curate small-batch, high-quality fabrics that have unique colors and textures rarely found on other clothing lines. In addition to fabric, we hand select best-in-class materials down to the button. Secondly, we work exclusively with top quality American craftsmanship, where no corners are cut to make a great product. We enjoy being with our production partners and take every opportunity to be on the factory floor. Thirdly, we add our sprinkle of design flair. Be it the lens cleaner or the secret pocket, we hide a bit of zing in every Casavva piece.

Made in Brooklyn

Made in Brooklyn, NYC

100% Cotton

100% Flannel Cotton

Innovative Designs

Innovative Designs

We launched our brand on Kickstarter in February of 2015 (see campaign here), and have grown steadily since. Our team brings together a variety of design influences and range of industry backgrounds. We maintain a lean and focused crew bent on accomplishing our mission of giving you a staple, unique product.


  • Keith Miao


    Keith M.


  • Shin Woon


    Shin W.

    Co-founder and CEO

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    Anastasia Borrell

    Ana B.

    Brand Ambassador

  • Shivani Sharma

    Shivani S.